Payments by the Company to Willis Re Inc. Travelers to reinsurance loss treaty. Also known as Proportional Reinsurance.

However, claims conditions and other policy provisions will be incorporated only if consistent with the nature of reinsurance.

If the debtor party loses in such proceeding, then the interest penalty on the amount determined to be due hereunder shall be calculated in accordance with the provisions set forth above unless otherwise determined by such proceedings.

The adjustment factor works to the advantage of the reinsurer until the maximum level of reinsurance premium is reached. Retinal

First, let us assume that there are no annual aggregate deductibles.

However, even most reinsurance treaties are relatively short documents considering the number and variety of risks and lines of business that the treaties reinsure and the dollars involved in the transactions.

To assess these IBNR reserves and the variability of the overall reserves, SCOR generally uses actuarial techniques which take into account quantitative loss experience data, together with qualitative factors, where appropriate.

The provisions of this Article shall not be implemented unless specifically invoked, in writing, by one of the parties to this Contract.Self Documents Prove To

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In return premium used only loss reinsurance treaty is payable only.

Minimum security to operate as a reinsurer is usually required and the amount of reinsurance credit granted will depend on the quality of the security.

Notional Experience Account, as calculated in the NOTIONAL EXPERIENCE ACCOUNT ARTICLE as of that same date.

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The excess loss.PrintableThis will be included in the submission file among the rest of the information.

Contract shall not be held to relieve either party hereto from any liability that would attach to it hereunder if such error, omission or delay had not been made, provided such error, omission or delay is rectified immediately upon discovery.

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